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What Are Cookies

Cookies are small amounts of data that are saved by your web browser on your computer. Cookies are specific to each website. Each website only has access to the cookies for that website.

What Is the Technical Reason for Cookies

All websites use cookies for the one primary purpose of uniquely identifying a particular web browser. All other data that is saved in cookies could be saved on a server.

Every device on the Internet has a number. This number is called an IP Address. The problem is in the old Internet numbering system, known as IPv4, there were not enough numbers to uniquely identify every device. Hence the need for cookies. The new Internet numbering system, known as IPv6, has enough numbers to identify every device uniquely. When all the devices on the Internet use IPv6, there will be no need for cookies.

Note that without cookies, your browser may still be able to be identified, either by IPv6 or via a combination of IPv4 and other identifying data.

What We Use Cookies For

We use cookies, as noted above, to uniquely identify your web browser. For convenience, we may save some other data in cookies.

What Data We Save In Cookies and Elsewhere

See our Privacy Policy to understand what data we gather in cookies and elsewhere.

Disabling Cookies

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Third Party Cookies and Data Gathering

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